“Geko Navsat presents BlindExplorer project in the 7th CENTAC Congress”

Geko Navsat participates in the 7th National Accessibility Technologies Congress held in Zaragoza on 14th and 15th this November, organised by the National Center for Accessibility Technologies (CENTAC). This organization aims to promote the development of accessibility technologies in all possible areas, with the ultimate aim of facilitating social integration, equality in access to Information Society Technologies, and in conclusion, to improve the lives of all persons with disabilities, dependants and their families.

During the congress Geko Navsat has presented its Blind Explorer project, a sensory guidance system that integrates binaural sounds (3D sounds) and satellite navigation technologies, which allows blind or visually impaired people to travel autonomously and safely on unknown roads and without the need for mobile coverage.

The system consists of a mobile application that generates acoustic stimuli based on 3D sounds and orientates the user in the right direction, and a positioning unit that improves the accuracy of the mobile up to 2 meter.s The optional use of bone-transmitted earphones provides an enhanced acoustic reality solution. A web Server manages the routes and points of interest, and allows the user that family and friends can follow their movements remotely or send help messages.

 Link to BlindExplorer Web >

In the following video you can see a visually impaired person who volunteered to test the system in the central congress room: