At GEKO NAVSAT, we tackle the development of new technological challenges from the knowledge of the current state of the technologies and the expected evolution of them, proposing imaginative and personalized technological solutions.


Formación 01At GEKO NAVSAT we have always reserved a special place for dissemination and training. Our passion for navigation technologies but also for their use in the real and close world of each, leads us from the beginning to try to help people and companies to overcome the barriers that exist between them and the technologies; either from the delivery of courses, or in participation in congresses, conferences and forums.


Consultorría 01From knowledge and experience, we offer strategic and technological support to companies and professionals who are facing problems related to these matters. An extensive network of companies, collaborating entities, reinforce our ability to address new technological challenges in the Aerospace, Intelligent Transport, Information and Communication Technologies, Security and Emergencies and Environment sectors.


  • UAV Dummy monitoring system

    UAV Dummy monitoring system

  • TRON


  • Competition vehicles location unit

    Competition vehicles location unit

  • Geocaching Madrid Río

    Geocaching Madrid Río

  • Electronic goods tracking and recycling

    Electronic goods tracking and recycling