“Geko Navsat receives talent award by AQUAE Fundation for its BlindExplorer project”

Geko Navsat obtains the first Innova Social Award from The Aquae Foundation for its innovative sensory guidance system Blind Explorer, that integrates binaural sounds (3D sounds) and satellite navigation technologies, which allows blind and visually impaired people to move autonomously and safely through unknown roads and without the need for mobile coverage.

Aquae Foundation is a platform that addresses a new model of sustainable social, economic and environmental development, supporting entrepreneurial talent, research and innovation in the sustainability sector, contributing to the social progress of people, to the generation of opportunity and The promotion of sustainable economic and social transformation.

The Innova Social Award aims to promote those projects, solutions or products already developed, which integrate in a process or as a project a genuinely social component, which provides a clear and real social benefit.

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