Geko Navsat presents in AMADIS 2018 its proposal to digitize routes and points of interest for accessibility

GEKO NAVSAT has presented at the 9th edition of AMADIS its work related to the improvement of the accessibility of natural and cultural environments from the digitalization of geographic information of routes and points of interest and the development of accessible digital and descriptive contents.

AMADIS 2018 has addressed sessions focused on accessibility services in television and accessibility technologies in different areas such as culture, accessibility training or accessible media for people with sensory disabilities. Trends in research and technological development in all aspects related to digital accessibility for people with sensory disabilities have also be part of this congress.

The Congress has been organized by the Royal Board on Disability, the Carlos III University of Madrid and the Spanish National Commission of Markets and Competition.

The new edition took place on October 8 and 9 in the main building of the National Commission of Markets and Competition in Madrid

 YouTube Link to the Session on Accessibility Technologies>