Safetrails Composición Formigal

SAFETRAILS. Safety Guidance and Tracking System for Mountainlikers

The SafeTrails project has stood for the development of a personal location solution that allows you to see the position of all the people in your group, even if they are several kilometres away and even if there is no mobile coverage.

This solution is especially suitable for groups of people who develop recreational, sports or professional activities in the natural environment.

The final solution consists of miniaturised electronic nodes that integrate satellite navigation technologies and wireless communications, capable of connecting each other, and a mobile application capable of connecting with these devices to be able to view the position of all the nodes or manage the registration of each user or the alarms that warn the user by separation between the nodes, by loss of reception or by the battery level. The mobile application integrates an augmented reality screen that allows to superimpose on the image of the terrain the image the position of the personal nodes.

GEKO NAVSAT SafeTrails Personal Wireless Beacon  SAFETRAILS Personal Beacons IMG_2305 FullSizeRender2

SafeTrails was developed by the companies GEKO NAVSAT and StartApp, and co-financed by the Innovation Aid Program for Innovative Business Groups (Order IET / 1203/2015) promoted by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR). File AEI-020500-2015-18 and under the administrative management of the Mountain Tourism Cluster.